VSK targets everybody who is involved with the design, installation advice, and maintenance of W- installations. The focus is on heat, gas, cooling, air and the automation of the environment.

This edition VSK focuses on three groups:

  • Home
  • Utility
  • Industry

Within these three groups, there are five key players in the installation branch

  • The (middle) large installlation companies
  • The technical design and consultancy agencies
  • The market-operated wholesalers
  • Industry
  • Housing corporations and property management

Visitors target group within the different discilines

Download the factsheet of VSK 2018 with more detailed information

Housing Utility

Within both utilities as housing, it revolves around climate solutions for installers. They are experts in sustainable energy systems such as solar water heaters, heat pumps, and low-temperature heating. A healthy inside climate is created by applying the correct modern installation for heating, air treatment, and ventilation.


Within the industry, the engineers design the W-installation of a complete process. Besides, the installers build the piping systems for production processes, machines, and buildings.